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Campaign Film for She Who Dares Wins

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This Little Girl Hasn’t Lost Hope Yet: International Women’s Day 2020

She Who Dares Wins is run by Michelle Hands, a fearless woman who’s worked in the male dominated world of construction for many years. She loves her work, but there is no denying that she is surrounded by men and often wonders “where are all the other women?”. 


This International Women’s Day, Michelle wanted to share her story to inspire others into the construction industry but also to show support to those women who are fighting their way to thrive in a man’s world.


We scaled the landfill site to capture a condensed ‘day in the life’, to show others what her working day is like – often lone working, but when others are around, they’re usually men. The raw feel of this film was perfect to accompany Michelle’s story. The voiceover is Michelle herself, if we’d have used somebody else, it would lack authenticity. This film is truthful, bold and inspiring. A great collaboration between She Who Dares Wins and Opal.


Check out more of what Michelle is up to on her website, blog and social channels: She Who Dares Wins


Scroll down for a few shots from the film. If you’ve got your own story that you’d love to tell through film, get in touch.