Authentic Films, Always.

Terms and Conditions

We’re not here to trick you into doing anything you’re not expecting, we’ve made these T&C's so that we’re all clear about what’s going on. It includes a list of important things that outline what each of us  is to expect, along with a project structure diagram.

This agreement involves you just as much as us, for us to complete the project in the best possible way you’ll need to provide us everything we need from you, in the correct format and in a timely manner. When we send you lo-res edits you’ll review and feedback to us as soon as you can so we can crack on and make your video ACE!

We’ll set the deadline together so it’s achievable for you to work to, as well as us. In order for work to commence and for you to receive your finished film(s) you agree to make your payments on time. In return, we’ll make every effort to hit each deadline and with our experience we are confident that we can deliver videos that you love and that we’ll be proud of.

1 Copyright

1.1 We own all work until we confirm that total funds have been cleared. From this point you own a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use the complete videos as supplied. You agree that you have no additional rights to the intellectual property or designs. All working files, including Premiere Pro files, will remain Opal’s unless an agreement to purchase these has been arranged once the agreed work is finished. Usage rights for extended purposes can be discussed.

1.2 You agree not to:

- Re-edit or alter the videos in any way

- Use the videos for purposes that were not agreed

- Sell the work on

1.3 You give us permission to use any background intellectual property needed to complete the design work. This will only be used while the project is ongoing, and will not be used for any other purpose. You agree that you own the rights or permission to any background intellectual property you ask us to use in the design.

1.4 Videos should not be shown to any third-party until the project is signed off and full payment has been received. Until that point, all designs should be considered confidential.

1.5 We are entitled to publish any complete work on our website or social media unless otherwise agreed.

2 During the Project

2.1 When we request assets from you such as logo files, you agree to send them in the format that we request them and as fast as you can so we can get on with the rest of the project.

2.2 When music is used in a video that is to be distributed online, it needs to be royalty free to comply with copyright laws. If you provide the music, you must be able to prove that you have the right to use it. Music supplied by Opal will be licensed for that project only and must not be used elsewhere without obtaining the relevant license.

2.3 Please see the project structure for an outline of how our project will work. For each video you can have up to 3 rounds of amendments. You agree that if you require more amends you will need to pay an additional fee.

2.4 You agree that we can hire or sub-contract other companies or freelancers to complete some or all elements of the project if required.

3 Delivery

3.1 The standard completion time for one video is 30 days from the final shoot day, unless another agreement has been made.

3.2 Files will be delivered digitally via an online file sharing platform.

If you require the files to be posted or delivered in person you agree that there will be an additional charge for this.

4 Money

4.1 Quotes will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

4.2 Before the project begins you will need to pay a minimum 50% deposit for the work. The remaining balance will be payable when the project is signed off.

4.3 Once all funds have been cleared we will release high res copies of all assets to you.

4.4 If you ask for further work than outlined in the initial agreement, you agree that you are entitled to pay additional fees.

4.5 You will be responsible for expenses incurred as part of the project, these might include: transport, food, accommodation, communications, licensing. As much as possible we will outline foreseen expenses in the initial quote.

4.6 You have 30 days to pay at each payment stage.

4.7 We don’t consider any fees paid until funds have cleared.

4.9 If any payment is late, we have the right to:

a) Postpone or cancel work until payment has been received.

b) Revoke the licence of copyright

c) End our agreement

4.10 Any payment not received within 30 days will incur an additional charge of 8% per day.

4.11 Once design work has started, any funds that have cleared cannot be refunded.

5 Insurance

5.1 Opal carries £20,000,000 Public Liability and £10,000,000 Employers Liability insurance world-wide provided by Aviva Insurance via Towergate Camerasure Brokers.

6 Cancellation & Termination

6.1 We are able to end this agreement if:

- You breach any of these terms

- You do not co-operate with us fully where it is necessary for us to provide our services.

6.2 Either party can end this agreement at any time by doing so in writing.

6.3 If this agreement is terminated you will still need to pay unless another agreement has been made. If a shoot is cancelled within 7 days of the shoot date, 50% of the fee is payable. If a shoot is cancelled within 48 hours, the full fee is payable.

7 Force majeure

7.1 If either party is obstructed from fulfilling its responsibility under this agreement because of events outside of its control, this agreement is suspended while the obstruction continues. This does not affect either party’s right to terminate this contract as described above.