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Sunken Studio

We’ve built up a relationship with Sunken Studio after working with them for the past 3 years documenting their annual Hey Clay event. Seeing them grow has been wonderful. It was always the dream for Sunken Studio to take their classes online as well as in person, so it was our pleasure to make that dream come true!


Working closely with Sunken Studio we figured out the best way to film everything so that students would get just as good experience following the course online as they would in person.


The venue is a delight with tonnes of space and beautiful light pouring in through the windows. There was a lot of content to get through and we’ve created 25 videos for the first Pinch Pot course. It’s the first of many so keep your eyes peeled as we begin the next…


Scroll down for some screenshots and to see the latest Hey Clay event video. If you fancy trying out pottery for your self, check out the Sunken Studio website.


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