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Hair Care Blog Videos


Paxman is a pioneering Yorkshire company that improves the lives of so many cancer patients by allowing them to retain their hair through Scalp Cooling. Their products and the impact they have are incredible, our job wasn’t to say that though… 

We worked with Paxman to create a series of videos for their new haircare blog. The all new blog serves as a point of information for clients to access at any time to get tips on how best to care for their hair through scalp cooling. Without a doubt going through cancer treatment is not an ideal experience, so for the blog videos, we wanted a relaxed and friendly feel. No more clinical white walls with doctors telling you what to do! The videos were all shot in a beautiful house with real women caring for their own hair.

Paxman has an international presence, helping cancer patients all over the world. This means that the videos have a global audience so voiceover was not appropriate. Instead we used subtitles to give guidance to clients, that can be easily changed into any language.

The results absolutely hit the mark and have been a great success; easy to digest bits of information filmed in a warm and welcoming way have had a superb impact. Teamed with photography by JMA Photography the blog is seamless and an excellent source of information for clients.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself here:

Above is the website reel, below are two full videos from the blog, along with a few behind the scenes pics.

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