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Opal x Joanne Crawford

Celebrating Leeds’ Female Pioneering Spirit

This is a collaboration that photographer Jo Crawford and Opal founder Zoe worked on remotely through lockdown, using Jo’s photographs and Zoe’s footage, here’s what she said about it…

“We’ve worked alongside each other on a number of shoots now, I love the dynamic working with Jo and it is always so lovely to see our work side by side. We’ve wanted to work together more and more and had planned to shoot a new passion project together. Lockdown put a stop to that, so instead we’ve collaborated remotely and brought together a collection of photos and video of women that we’ve both had the joy of working with, sometimes together and at other times separately.

There are more out there, this is a celebration of 9 of Leeds women who show pioneering spirit on a daily basis. Thank you all for the projects we’ve worked on together.”