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Great Silk Run

Tajikistan, one of the last untouched countries in the world, but one that came with a warning, boarding Afghanistan friends and family said it wasn’t safe, but that didn’t stop 14 runners taking on the toughest adventure of their lives, to run 7 marathons in 7 days from Afghanistan to China. The extreme heat, biting cold and high altitude were all expected, but no-one prepared them for the people they’d meet and the life changing experience they were about to embark on.

A one woman project, our founder Zoe documented this trip solo, taking on challenges Tajikistan style, with extreme changes in weather from +40° to -5° and regular dance breaks. She slept with her batteries to prevent them freezing and would do it all again tomorrow to experience Tajikistan’s incredible culture one more time.


“Zoe created an adventure film of our journey that was motivating, exhilarating, and beautiful in equal measure. It now forms a key part of our business marketing and expresses our values and culture.

Her brilliant interpersonal skills made her crucial to the success of the runners and brought humour, kindness and wonder to our team and the locals.”