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“To watch videos or pictures always brings back so much more than just memories, but all the emotion that comes with it! In capturing these memories you give such a beautiful gift to others”

Great Norse Run 2021

22 people running a marathon a day across Iceland over 10 days… Bonkers, huh?! But certainly a great challenge to film. In August 2021 we set off to Iceland to document the runners and their journey across the land of Fire & Ice.

Iceland is a wild place, and although she treated us to sunshine, she also showed us her fierce and stormy side. It made for an unforgettable adventure and a great film. We turned our 10 days of footage into a 30 minute film that went on to be screened in London and Pittsburgh.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy. If you have an adventure that is crying out to be documented, let’s chat.