Campaign Stings with Something More for GAP



7 Projects


8 Shoots


30+ Assets


Design Studio Something More have worked with GAP on numerous social media campaigns over the past few years, from glitter cannons to hundreds of paper leaves Opal has worked with them on the video aspect of these briefs. Whether it’s a stop frame animation or a slow motion balloon pop the shoots often get messy thanks to a whole lot of glitter… Or paint… Or any other random prop!


Usually these shoots are created in a studio environment, we shut ourselves in a studio full of weird and wonderful props and get to work creating some colourful content. The first few hours are spent perfecting the lighting set up and ensuring the set looks pristine. Then it’s onto the fun part which usually involves a lot of trial and error with something so unpredictable as glitter and confetti!


The content is curated into short snippets for social media and used across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote different campaigns for GAP UK & Europe. We’ve made content for sales, competitions and seasonal edits to name a few. All receiving thousands of views across GAPs social media.


Above is a reel of selected clips produced for GAP since 2016 to date. Scroll down to see some behind the scenes shots and all the random props that are involved in these super fun shoots.